The one comment we hear more than anything from our clients is that they just want their guests “to have fun” and for the dance floor to be kept rocking! Of course, great music is an absolute must to set the mood, but there are many other things that can help keep the party going and ensure all your geusts are having a ball.

Roving food - the more time guests have to stand up, mingle and chat with each other, the more they’re going to meet new people and generally be more sociable than if stuck in one assigned seat for the entire evening. Having roving entrees and even roving desserts can be a great way of keeping people moving around and interacting. You could have staff circulating with trays of bite-sized morsels, or even arrange for a few themed food stations your guests can wander between.

If you’re not keen on having actually roving courses, you could consider serving shared platters as entrees and maybe a dessert buffet, which will encourage a little more mingling and conversation than individually served plates.

Plan your formalities - Without a doubt, one of the best ways to get the party started is to get the formalities out of the way fairly early on in the evening. This can also save you heaps on having to pay your photographer and videographer to stay until the wee hours to catch everything on film. Why not do your cake cutting right after your big entrance, before you even sit down, for example?

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