• DJ & MUSIC
    • The right energy, personality and experience

    • Your music, your way

    • Access to online music database

    • 1000w full range, powerful speakers

    • Wireless microphone

    • Professional lighting for your dance floor

    • Customised to suit your venue/colour

  • SET-UP
    • Free delivery and setup of equipment

    • Nicely presented DJ booth

    • Neat cables & no mess

    • Event planning assistance at any time

    • Free planning meeting and DJ meeting (Weddings)

    • Full-time roadie crew & back-up equipment


DJ lighting Perth



The Truss Totem lighting setup has been designed for Weddings and special events to give the dance floor lighting a more elegant look. There are special lighting modes to match the mood at different times in the evening. With slow moving soft white 'dinner mode' to set the scene, a beautiful white pattern on the floor for the first dance, then watch things come to life with colour when the dance floor is in full swing.

DJ Low-fog



Our ‘Dancing on clouds’ system uses dry ice to create a thick, fluffy white cloud that hovers above the ground throughout the dance-floor and surrounding area. Our highly skilled technicians will ensure the 'Dancing on Clouds' effect is a simply magical moment.

DJ Low-fog
custom monogram



Gobo lighting can be used in many ways to build atmosphere with patterns and custom designs across walls, ceilings and flooring. We have a range of gobo patterns and textures which help add depth and vibrance to your lighting design. We can also create custom gobo designs with your names or event logo. Custom gobo designs are a great way to add a unique feature of the room.

Festoon Lighting



Up-lighting can be used to create elegant washes of colour up walls, draping, trees, under tables and to highlight features of the room. Our high-powered LED up-lighting units can be set to any colour/s of your choice to suit the venue and your theme.

We also supply DMX controlled up-lighting which can change colour, brightness and do chases and effects around the whole room.

Festoon Lighting
DJ Truss



We have a range of luxury enclosed and open photobooth designs that will bring a whole new level of fun to any function or event! Combine our classy photobooth cabinets with red velvet curtains, gold sequin backdrops and even vintage festoon lighting backdrops.

All our Booths have the latest DSLR cameras and studio lighting for high resolution images and quality photo-strip prints. We'll create a custom photo-strip design for your event. We'll also have one of our professional, friendly attendants there for the whole booking to ensure everyone has a fantastic time creating photo-strip masterpieces.

Photobooth Hire



Festoon lighting is the ultimate way to add a warm atmosphere, whether it be an open outdoor area, marquee or above the bridal table, it looks amazing. We create bespoke festoon setups to suit your venue with classic filament globes, for an authentic look. We can also supply professional dimmers to control brightness, an important aspect of many festoon lighting setups.

Photobooth Hire
wedding rigging



Hanging features are an amazing way to decorate a room with greenery, floral arrangements and go hand in hand with pendant lighting. We provide custom rigging services and many types of structures used to create hanging features. We also supply a range of free-standing overhead truss, where rigging from the roof is not an option.

Pendant Lighting Hire



From our lighting department comes a range of custom Pendant lighting and pre-made pendant features. Get in touch to check out our latest collection of globes, geo cages and more. Setup by our professional lighting and electrical team for extra piece of mind.

Photobooth Hire



We'd love to hear about your upcoming event and provide a personalised quote and pricing list to suit your requirements. Get in contact with us here and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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